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Tim Stoepker

Senior Industrial Designer and Founder


Sarah Rawlings

Industrial Designer


Clayton Blackmar

Industrial Designer


Why Filter Studio?

The name originated from the basic function of a filter; removing all the junk to get a pure element again.  Just as a water filter removes junk from the water so you can drink clean and pure water again,  Filter Studio wants to take in all the technology, social trends and behavioral issues and filter out the correct content to create a pure product for a client.  We are inundated with new information every day and we want to make sure all that information is used correctly and in a powerful way to change the way we perceive the world around us. 


Featured Products

Here are several products that have emerged from working closely with our clients. From lounge furniture to restaurant seating, we are excited to have a hand in bringing new products to life.


Studio News


Lets Chat.

Filter Studio is always open to meeting with new clients or anyone who is interested in learning more about what we do. If you have a project for which you are looking for design assistance, connect with us and we can further the discussion.



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Client List

Since there are issues with intellectual property, Filter Studio currently can not show all the work the studio has done, but we can show who we have worked with.

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