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In order to create a 3D print, we need an STL file of your piece, or we will need to create the CAD data for you. If you need us to build the CAD data, extra rates will apply. All you need to do is express what it is you would like printed, and we can get back to you with our questions, a quote and an estimated build time. Look below for more info regarding our print capabilities.

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When do you need this printed by?

We currently offer the filaments listed below.

(Availability of filaments is subject to change)

  • Black plastic filament

  • White plastic filament

  • Grey plastic filament

  • Blue plastic filament

  • Silver plastic filament

  • Transparent plastic filament (milky white)

  • Black silicone filament

  • Copper plastic filament

  • Orangeish Red ABS

  • Largest print dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm

  • Prices will vary depending on print size

  • Extra charge for making CAD file

  • Extra charge for sanding

  • Extra charge for finishing



Some examples of prints made in our studio.