The Lumberman was inspired from mixing curiosity of old wooden boats and love for being on the Great Lakes...especially kiteboarding.  I took what I learned from two earlier projects (the Mini Craft and Greenland Kayak projects) and applied them to the Lumberman.  I am finally starting to get a solid grasp on epoxy and fiberglass work to where I can get consistent results.  I also started to perfect my little shop molds for bending each piece of wood to the desired radius.  

The board is fully made of poplar wood (from Lowes).  I like the weight to strength ratio with this species of wood.  The edge rails are done with walnut.  Mainly because it created a nice contrast between the two species and walnut is a much stronger species.  I have been using MAS Epoxy system and using Epifanes High Gloss Clear Varnish (and Epifanes Brush Thinner).   Epifanes is a marine grade varnish the has a good UV filter to help protect the wood, epoxy and fiberglass from the sun.  

The Lumberman name was inspired by a schooner that sunk off the coast of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan.  Here is a LINK to learn more about the schooner.  With the kite being my sail and the board being my boat, it only seemed appropriate to name the board after a former schooner that sailed Lake Michigan.   The Lumberman sails the Great Lake once more! 

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