The Lumberman was inspired from mixing curiosity of old wooden boats and love for being on the Great Lakes...especially kiteboarding.  I took what I learned from two earlier projects (the Mini Craft and Greenland Kayak projects) and applied them to the Lumberman.  I am finally starting to get a solid grasp on epoxy and fiberglass work to where I can get consistent results.  I also started to perfect my little shop molds for bending each piece of wood to the desired radius.  

The board is fully made of poplar wood (from Lowes).  I like the weight to strength ratio with this species of wood.  The edge rails are done with walnut.  Mainly because it created a nice contrast between the two species and walnut is a much stronger species.  I have been using MAS Epoxy system and using Epifanes High Gloss Clear Varnish (and Epifanes Brush Thinner).   Epifanes is a marine grade varnish the has a good UV filter to help protect the wood, epoxy and fiberglass from the sun.  

The Lumberman name was inspired by a schooner that sunk off the coast of Wisconsin in Lake Michigan.  Here is a LINK to learn more about the schooner.  With the kite being my sail and the board being my boat, it only seemed appropriate to name the board after a former schooner that sailed Lake Michigan.   The Lumberman sails the Great Lake once more! 

Shaper Origin

Coming soon to Filter Studio! Hand held CNC machine, yes please!  I am always looking for ways to be more efficient, the Shaper Origin seemed like a no brainer.  I am fairly excited for this new piece of equipment for the studio and workshop.  I already have a list of projects that I want to try.  I pre-ordered one and is suppose to ship September 2017...which seems forever away.

Check out there webpage at

Mini Craft

Kiteboarding has many similarities to sailing.  In both wind powered sports you have to have a strong grasp of the weather and your equipment. In kiteboarding, the kite is your sail, so what does that make the board?  The kite board naturally becomes the boat.  Through out the history of Michigan and the Great Lakes, their have been many beautiful wooden sail boats to grace these waters.  

Boat building is a craft with a truly unique set of skills.  I started to dive into the boat building culture to get a better understand of how to design and build my own mini boat.   The results far beat my expectations.  There is nothing like riding a wooden boat on our fresh water seas of the Great Lakes, even if its only 54" long.